What would Jon Pertwee do? That question will be the guiding principle of this blog.


When faced with a difficult decision in my quest to reintroduce spaghetti flan to the world, I shall ask myself how Jon Pertwee would handle the situation. What kind of cheese would Jon Pertwee—or specifically Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor—put on top of spaghetti flan? What sort of wine would he serve with his culinary masterpiece? Should I take a hovercraft or the Whomobile to the supermarket?  Can I open a can of spaghetti with a Venusian karate chop?

If I do what Jon Pertwee would do, it’s certain to be the wisest course of action. Indeed, the world would be a better place if everyone stopped to ask “WWJPD?” in their daily lives.  If nothing else, we’d all be wearing a lot more velvet.


4 thoughts on “WWJPD?

  1. What sort of cheese? Either brie, ‘cos that is all French and sophisticated, or Cheshire cheese, ‘cos all the best things come from Cheshire 😀

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