The Macra-roni Terror (Part One)

The Macra-roni Terror
The catch of the day

The big news today for Doctor Who fans was the recovery of several 1960’s episodes once thought lost forever. We here at the Spaghetti Flan blog are big fans of classic Doctor Who, so we (OK, I) couldn’t be more pleased.

Alas, many older stories remain missing such as the 1967 serial The Macra Terror in which the Doctor and his companions land on a futuristic Earth colony menaced by giant intelligent crabs known as the Macra. All the episodes from this story have been erased from the BBC archives, and the only place you can now see these monsters is in a brief cameo appearance in 2007’s Gridlock.

Macra from Gridlock
Our first gig in 40 years! Thanks, RTD!

I’ll get back to the spaghetti flan at some point, but I thought I’d take a detour to celebrate the still-missing episodes with a new pastry and pasta dish inspired by The Macra Terror. In addition to giant crabs, this story also features the young Scots companion Jamie MacCrimmon. Looking to the future, Peter Capaldi, the next Doctor Who is also a Scotsman. It seems appropriate then to base my recipe on a traditional Scottish dish, the macaroni pie. My version, the “Macra-roni Terror” adds a delicious helping of lump crab meat.

The plan, very simply, is to make a hand-raised crust using hot water crust pastry dough, fill it with a macaroni, cheese, and crab mixture and bake it. While I have to admit to having reservations about the whole canned spaghetti dish, I think this one could be promising. We’ll see in Part Two.

In the meantime, I can now sit down and watch The Enemy of the World and (most of) the Web of Fear. Who knows? These stories may even inspire a new recipe. Spag-Yeti and Meatballs maybe?


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