The Macra-roni Terror (Part Two)

The Doctor confronts the Macraroni pie.
Be careful, Doctor!

Last night I made an attempt at baking a Macraroni pie. I’m not going to share any particular recipe at the moment though because it was only a partial success. The mac’n’cheese with crab part turned out fine and I’ve got a whole casserole of the stuff left over.

The pastry? Far too dense. In fact, I may have inadvertently stumbled on the recipe for Dalekanium (known in other universes as duranium or adamantium). Suffice it to say, it way barely edible. My food testers Sharon and Renae only ate the macaroni and left the shell. I made a go of eating the pastry but more out of a show of perseverance than actually finding it tasty.

I may try to redo this more carefully at some point. I was in a bit of a hurry and probably ended up with way more flour than needed in the conversion from weight to volume. A proper kitchen scale would have been useful.

The density of the pastry shell did make the Macraroni pie a formidable monster. In the end, it would take more than one Doctor to finish it off.

Two Doctors and Macraroni Pie
We’ll need a sauvignon blanc and some cocktail sauce.

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